Monday, April 27, 2009

I use a service called statcounter which tells me the state and town of people who visit my site and what site they came from (twitter, google, safari search) and if they were using a search engine it tells me what their search terms were. It's pretty cool, and another blogger I read Julie, from Inmates to Playdates did a pretty cool post a while ago, she looked at what people were searching and helped them out a little bit, it was pretty cool.

Search Term: Shopping for Missys Market,
I might be a little self centered in imagining you were coming to my site. I sell Longaberger baskets(and pottery) and there are several ways to order, you can go to my website and shop online, or you can submit a show order which will allow you to earn discounts and products, to do the second option, you can ask me for wishbooks and flyers and I will mail them to you and you can share them with your friends and family and collect orders, you would then send the money in through paypal and I will put the order in through Longaberger :) If you have questions about either of these options you can contact me 

Search Term: Crescent Roll Pot Pie
This is my delicious recipe that I made for a cooking contest, which by the way, I took second place with!

Search Term: Longaberger Ladybug Basket
this is a really popular item apparently, it was a collectors club item for the gathering.

Search Term: "what is the safe oven temp for Longaberger Pottery"
Any temp is good, go to town, I mean I wouldn't necessarily be like 500 degrees bwuahahahaha but a normal baking temperature should be fine, you can also freeze, refrigerate and dishwash your pottery :)


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