Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Bonus Buys (BIG SAVINGS)

Hi ya'll!
Longaberger just announced April's BONUS BUYS! You can order these on a show order, or through myshop. What can you get?
This is the Medium Chore Basket, which has been retired for some time now, you can add it to your collection for $39!
Some possible ideas for your basket?
-the 2qt baking dish fits very nicely in it (as you can see in the picture)
-College student, Teacher, or High School Grad on your list? Fill it with a pocket dictionary, thesaurus, flash drive, small calculator and pens!
-Gardening Caddy, fits, seeds, small gardening tools and gloves perfectly!
-Diaper changing neccessities, fill with some lotion, diapers, powder and wipes
What products fit inside?
-2 qt baking dish
-Woven Traditions Loaf Dish
-Two woven traditions 1 pint crocks
-Two 4" flower pot baskets
-Two woven traditions 4" flower pots with saucers
-Three Woven Traditions Mugs
-Three 17oz Tumblers
-Six 8oz Tumblers
-Six Woven Traditions Small Square bowls (stacked 3 high)
-Six Woven traditions Soup and salad bowls (stacked 3 high)
and a partridge in a pear tree (that's what the list reminded me of)
(don't forget, APRIL ONLY all Woven Traditions Pottery is 20% off!)
2nd Bonus Buy:
Salt and Pepper Caddy!
This caddy is not just limited to holding your salt and pepper though!
-Hold your dish sponges and scrubbers by the sink
-arrange electric toothbrushes and other larger ones that just won't fit in the holder
-keep hot chocolate packets, soup mixes, and oatmeal contained
- Neatly (and prettily) holds your cell phone at the office
-Use it to hold coasters indoors or out!
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