Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Would you Like to host a show ONLINE? This is a new trend in home based businesses that I'd really like to give a try.
The idea is instead of cleaning your house and setting up food and hoping people can make time in their schedules to come, have a show online at whatever time works for you, you can shop in your pj's!

The guests still get to play games together, still get to view the catalogs "together" and get to chat with each other and meet some new friends, but it's more forgiving to schedules, it's OK if people need to come and go, or get up and feed the baby, or can't make it until 20 minutes in, or need to leave an hour early.

The show will be hosted through Meebo, it's a program you can use that you don't have to download to use and it has a lot of great features such as audio/visual, regular text chat and a whole bunch of other fun freebies! In fact I use an awesome little chat box on my blog with Meebo,

If you decide to host an online party with me in March, here are just a few of the items you can earn:
Swoop basket Bundle, including the Swoop Bowl basket AND the Contour Bowl for only $50!

Guests will be able to purchase items from the brand new Spring Wishbook and the current flyer for the month.

Sooo if you want to earn some Longaberger at home in your pajamas, contact me and we'll work out a time and date and I have some fabulous invites you can email or hand out to your guests!

Also: Probably in late April I will be having a Mystery Hostess show online, during this show everyone who stops by will get an entry to be the Hostess of the show, who will receive credit for the show and as such receive half price items, free products and whatever else we can earn. The hostess will be chosen by a random drawing with a random number generator. Look for more information on this later!

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