Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Shamrocks

Ok so this isn't entirely Longaberger related, but it totally could be! When I was first starting out on this blogging craze I came across Country Road Primitives . It's a primitive style decorating shop run by Carla  who has been collecting Longaberger since 1989, she has a collection of over 300 one of which Dave Longaberger signed personally after hearing how she clipped coupons to save money to buy Longaberger :) several others are signed by family members.
After her divorce she began selling some of her Longaberger Pottery on Ebay. From there she was invited to join a crafting group and received her sewing machine for mothers day. She now sells her awesome products on Ebay , Etsy as well as her own website . She gets to craft  full time with the help of her daughters which I'm sure allows for some great family time.

I discovered her site when I was searching for Longaberger and she used to sell, and she had a post about it. She now makes lots of primitive fabric crafts like quilts and these things
They're under the category bowl fillers, but why not fill baskets with them (she certainly did) 
But the awesome tulips aren't what I wanted to talk about, what I wanted to talk about were these shamrocks:
Aren't they just super cute! and wouldn't they be a nifty decoration in say... an Oval Spring Basket, or in a bowl basket,  or eep there are so many things they'd go with! Longaberger and the Primitive decorating movement/shabby chic work really well together. So you should definitely check some out if you're looking for a little something something to decorate with!
Ok so where can you get your hands on some of these awesome fabric fillers, blankets, needfulls, wooden signs, window treatments, crib sets and even more? You can check out the Country Road Primitives Store , Ebay Shop , or Etsy Shop . And be sure to head over to the blog as well and you can check out some other stuff as well!
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Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thank you Missy! You are very sweet to put this onto your blog... Wishing you the best always!! xox Carla

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