Friday, March 27, 2009

Fox 28 visits Longaberger!

I'm watching a video right now from the Columbus Ohio Fox station. One of their fabulous reporters visits the Longaberger Factory. For those that may not be able to watch the video (like my mom) I'll do a little synopsis of what happens.

 He wove his very own berry basket in Rich Brown, tan and black (color weaves???) They also demo the brand new way of staining the weaves and splints by themselves PRIOR to weaving as opposed to after weaving. This system was designed by Longaberger employees and allows the colors to be way more vivid.
Johnny Diloretto takes a tour with Basket Maker Natalie, they stop by the Factory Store, they leave just absolutely LADEN with baskets, (seriously he's got them on his head!), they head over to the Homestead SHops at the homestead starting with the Kitchen area, even the camera guy gets some yummy snacks (peach salsa). Johnny tries some black rasberry and gold miner fudge, Rodney the camera guy has some caramel flavored fudge did you know they sell like 40,000 pounds of fudge?
They then talk about the Spring Fling, and the DASH FOR BASKETS! 
Crawford Barn is one of the largest barns in central ohio, and the hosts the Longaberger Barn Barbeque, (and all the sale items from the Homestead now) and the BBQ looks amazing!

You can view the video here

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