Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oval Kiddie Purse- Versatile

Hey Ya'll
The Oval Kiddie Purse is a really great little basket that can fit into any one's life.

Use it around the house:

  • Keep a baby sitter "emergency" basket on the table- fill it with band aids, benedryl, inhaler and emergency numbers and any special instructions.

  • Perfect for holding hair ribbons, pony tail holders, clips and bobbi pins in the bathroom

  • Keep track of homework supplies- pack of crayons, pencils, erasers, glue stick

  • Perfect fit for cotton balls/cotton swabs.

  • Put it beside your bed and catch bracelets and watches and spare change

  • next to the phone with pens pencil's and a sticky note pad

Makes a perfect Mother's Day Gift:

  • Keep track of tasty recipes

  • keep track of crochet hooks

  • hide chocolate from your dad (I know my dad would never look there!)

  • store jewelry

  • Hold her eyeglasses beside the bed

  • Hold current photos of the family (brag basket)

Great for Daughters

  • If you put a mirror on the inside it holds contact lenses nicely

  • Handheld game cartridge holder (My sister's always losing those DS things)

  • Car emergency kit- deck of cards, notepad, crayons

  • Ipod Cord, headphones, cell phone, digital camera

  • Collect stuff, shells, beads, stones.

  • Treats- sugar free trident, mints, tic-tacs

  • Little Golden books fit nicely in it

Give it as a gift to the important folks in your life-

  • Fill with a pouch of gourmet coffee and sweetener

  • Mirror, lipstick, eye shadow, liner and nail polish so she's "ready for her closeup"

  • Give it to dad so he can keep track of the remote and his eye glasses

  • Food lover- Gift card to a restaurant

  • Seed packets and a pair of gloves


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