Monday, December 29, 2008

Basket Uses- Wreath Basket

So- You bought that wreath basket, and you think it's only for Christmas. Well, don't put them away with the rest of the ornaments just yet!

Decorating through the Seasons-
Some of these ideas involve the use of that green foam stuff that you stick inside flowerpots to poke fake flowers in, you want a piece that you kind of have to squeeze in so that it won't fall out when the door opens and closes. If I say "attach" something to your basket, I mean either with pipe cleaners or with ribbon or stuck in the foam. Most of these ideas work either as a wreath on the door using a wreath hanger or as a table centerpiece, and some work better as one than the other.

- Take spring flowers and stick them in the foam you can add in bunnies or chicks or things like that if you like with a little hot glue.
- Easter, you know those plastic eggs that you buy every year because you're not sure where the other ones are? Oh... that's just my family... well anyways, you can either hot glue them to the foam, or you can stick thumbtacks through the eggs, or if you're feeling REALLY ambitious you can have hubby drill little holes in them for you... Personally I think glue is the easiest.
-Make a rabbit face, when those $10 grab bags included the 9" keepings... lets just say that's all my mom got, so we dressed them up like bunnies and chicks using construction paper and some scissors, it was cute. The Wreath basket would look cute the same way! Go to the dollar store and grab some rabbit ears on a headband, pop the ears off and attach them to the top of the wreath using pipe cleaners, make a face with pipe cleaner whiskers, attach them to a piece of cardstock or cardboard and put it int he center of the wreath.

-Sea Shells can be glued to the foam inserts, to make a neat reminder when you're back home after your vacation, maybe you can even add a nice post card from your travels
- Use cardboard shaped like triangles, painted yellow and make a sunshine wreath.
- Spread chips and crackers around the outside using the divided protector and put a bowl with dip in the center.

- Fill the inside of the basket with fake apples and fall colored flowers or leaf bundles.
- Make a Horn of Plenty with your basket use some Indian corn, (you can hang it on the door or use it as a centerpiece.
- Serve fall cheese and apples in your basket using the divided protector

-Fill with greenery and pine cones and put on your table with a candle
- hang wallet sized photos of your kids around the circle with ribbon.

Here are a few ideas with pictures that Longaberger came out with-

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