Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why should you offer to have a show at your home?

A great idea out there is to allow your Hostess to use your own home for her show, she invites everyone to your house, she brings the food, you supply the baskets, space and perhaps some of the paper goods.

Why should you do it?

1. All of your products are already there, no worries about damaging them, or if it's something just isn't practical to lug around in your cars (like the wrought iron bookshelf perhaps?)

2. No worries about forgetting things! I know I'm always going to forget SOMETHING, if you're doing the show from your own house, everything's there so what is there to forget?

3. You can display the products in a very natural "Real" setting, this is a great tactic that Longaberger uses in their catalogs, and at the Home Show Experience at the Homestead. It's a lot easier ot imagine how it will look in your own home when you see how someone else has used it.

4. If someone sees something in the catalog and wants to see it in person, you're more likely to have it at hand, sure you don't own everything in the catalog (don't I wish) but you are more likely to have some items in your house, than what you packed into your car to bring to the hostesses house.

4. It takes a lot of stress off of the Hostess. The hostess doesn't have to worry about cleaning her house before and after, She can come and enjoy herself with her friends and not have to worry about anything except the baskets.

5. It will encourage folks who maybe don't have entertaining space in their house, or are perpetually cluttered, to do a Home Show.

So, If you have the space at your house, it is very advisable to offer it to a wary hostess, it might just make the deal! As to what services you offer, that's up to you, if you have the time and skill you can offer to make the snacks provided the hostess gives you the ingredients, You might even want to start the show off by showing folks how to make a recipe using Longaberger products! There is a lot you can do with this idea depending on how busy you are and what you are willing to offer.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, we had an awesome time at the Longaberger Homestead! I got a new sweatshirt and a few baskets and some more consultant materials! If you've never been and you like Longaberger, you need to go.

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