Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is Longaberger?

The following is a brief history of Longaberger AND a great game to play at a show!
To play the game have the guests sit or stand in a circle. Start with either the hostess holding one secret (or not so secret) gift, or have a few guests holding small gifts (travel mugs, notepads etc.) Read the story aloud and each time you say RIGHT, or LEFT those holding the gift need to pass the item RIGHT or LEFT.

Over 100 years ago RIGHT in the middle of Dresden, Ohio, there lived a boy named J.W. Longaberger. He LEFT school at the age of 17 to become a full-time basket maker. He took care in selecting just the RIGHT maple tree to be cut into just the RIGHT sized splints, weaving them just RIGHT, until they fit just RIGHT, tacking them just RIGHT, until they looked just RIGHT, sometimes attaching a splint RIGHT over top from the RIGHT to the LEFT side making a handle. When he finished, his 12 children would play with the splints that were LEFT. As they grew, he showed them the RIGHT way to weave a basket. After the children LEFT school each afternoon, they would hurry RIGHT home to help weave baskets. As time passed, baskets were LEFT at home because stores began using paper bags.
Now J.W. only made baskets for special occasions. Like at Easter - when the neighborhood children would wait RIGHT on J.W.'s porch to get just the RIGHTsized basket to be LEFT out for the Easter Bunny to fill with candy.In 1973, his son Dave noticed baskets were making a comeback in department stores. He LEFT the store with the idea to reintroduce his father's baskets. He went RIGHT to his father and told him of his bright idea. They began weaving baskets RIGHT away and, as anticipated, he had the RIGHT idea - the baskets were popular. LEFT with the sense of value and family heritage, they were on the RIGHT track. Today, Longaberger baskets are RIGHT at the top of home shows. They are in high demand and RIGHTLY so, having the RIGHT amount of quality, the RIGHT amount of heritage, the RIGHT amount of detail, the RIGHT size basket for organizing, and the RIGHT look for decorating.

There are many uses I will share or ideas that can be LEFT to your imagination. There are special monthly feature baskets for holidays and baskets for all the RIGHT occasions. There are RIGHT-handed made baskets with the splints being woven from RIGHT to LEFT with the last splint ending on the LEFT side. And LEFT-handed baskets being woven from LEFT to RIGHT with the last splint ending on the RIGHT side. Each basket is unique and still hand-woven, with just the RIGHT maple splints, weaving over and under, RIGHT and LEFT, tapping just RIGHT, tacking just RIGHT until all that's LEFT is the staining. The weavers sign each basket RIGHT on the bottom and it is shipped RIGHT to the hostess. So don't be LEFT without one. Order your basket RIGHT away.
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